Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET)


Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET) Digital class has a significant role to play in teaching learning process.-Digitalclass has formally been adopted as a learning tool in the education system at primary school and higher education level. The digital classes take the  teaching and learning process more meaningful and enjoyable.

Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET),

Digital learning

Digital classes extend learning opportunities worldwide. The opportunity to customize learning sequences for each student will make education more productive special needs will be more quickly diagnosed, learning gaps will be addressed, and progress will be accelerated.

is powering benefits that are changing the opportunity set for teachers. There are also additional benefits that are proving to be the game changers for educators.

Collaborative Learning:

Digital learning powers collaboration. Social learning platforms like Edmodo make it easy for teachers to create and manage groups.

Personalized learning:

The opportunity to help every student learn at the best pace and path for them is the most important benefit of digital learning. Learning can be enhanced based on the learners own passions, strengths, needs, and abilities.

High Engagement Learning:

The shift to digital can boost student motivation. Anyone  who has witnessed the engagement of game-based learning can appreciate the potential to create learning experiences that boost persistence.

Competency Based Learning:

Students show what they know and progress based on demonstrated mastery. Competency-based learning changes everything about school, the transition from age cohorts to individual progress models will take longer, this is a generational shift.

Assessment for Learning:

Digital learning provides continuous feedback from content –embedded assessment, games, simulations, and adaptive learning. When students can track their own progress it can improve motivation and agency.

Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET)

Digital Classes in the classroom of Government schools, The Govt of Telangana launched its digital classroom programme in 3352 high schools in the state. The State Government provided technical support and all equipment’s and terminals to run the digital classes effectively in the Telangana state.

SIET (State Institute of Educational Technology)Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET)

State Institute of Educational Technology at Hyderabad focuses on research and production of audio and video programs. The main objective of this institution is to support the department of a school Education in the implementation of Educational policies and programs. Its programmes are

1 Educational Video Programmes.

2 Educational Radio Programmes.

3 Interactive Multimedia Learning Objects.

Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET)

Educational Video programmes:

The Educational Video programmes primarily assist in the universalization of Elementary Education. (UEE).They cover a very wide area which includes instruction in 3 Rs programmes of immense value acts mainly as stimulants to create interest and awareness in children,

 Stories songs Dance Ballets, Experimental Demonstration etc. are used as formats in the programme making not only develop the skills and talents in participating children.

Themes like national integration, health and nutrition, sanitation, preservation of the environment, energy conservation and population education is treated with an overall aim of widening the horizons.

Activities of SIET:Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET)

Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET)To Conduct workshops and training programmes for persons involved in the use of media material.

Production of video programmes for SSA (School Education Dept.)Mana TV channel and other departments.

Digital Classes in the classroom of Government schools


  Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET),Digital learning allows the teacher to instruct students in a subject in such a manner that learning takes place through seeing and hearing, lecture and demonstration methods. The digital classes are useful to school teachers and students equally. Digital classes provide clarity in learning for the students. It enables the students to understand the lesson effectively.

So the Digital classes r boon to the govt school students for the overall development The State government initiated digital classes to the government school students to empower the teaching-learning process in government schools. The preparation of digital lessons as per the state syllabus in the SIET under the guidance of eminent academicians by the teachers.

The Digital classes telecasted thorough the Mana TV according to the State syllabus. The Day-wise time table is drawn to provide digital classes for school students as per the academic planner.

Also, read the Technology of Education, the importance, and uses of Technology.

The Govt school students are gaining the benefits of Digital classes along with preparation plan and motivational sessions for SSC exams every year.

 The students are enjoying the digital classes and it’s a boon for the Government school students. Digital Classes in the Govt schools in Telangana (SIET) Digital classes are very useful for the overall development of the students.

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